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    Photo By : Lori Rea Samsel / 2013

"For Those Of You Who Don’t Know Me".....

I started recording and touring professionally in 1975 with a band called White Lightning. Our claim to fame was a #1 song on the local am radio stations Kisn and Kvan.  Back in the days when AM radio played music! 

Having played in several top Portland bands such as Toys, Bullet, Holland and The Tempers, in 1986 I caught a break and was asked to join Meredith Brooks and The Angels of Mercy. We recorded and toured behind the album, Animal Attraction. WE did all the clubs in L.A.  The Trobaudor,  Fm Station,  Madom Wongs and had A and M,  Capital and many others interested in signing the group.  WE imploded but Meredith went on to have a major hit with "I'm a Bitch"  
In Early 1989 I meet Willie Scandlyn and we formed a band called Steamy Windows.  We had some top notch players with us and through Willie's contact with Terry Evans we started doing Coaster Gigs and it lead to the audition with Terry and Bobby King.  Willie now tours with Chameka Copland.  

In 1990 Bobby King and Terry Evans hired me to tour with them behind their two Rounder Records Albums. I copped all Buzzy Feeten’s parts.

Terry Evans started touring solo in 1993 and I was asked to continue touring. I expanded my contribution to covering Ry Cooder’s parts and added songwriting duties.

1995 to 2005 brought a ten year ride recording in the finest studios in Hollywood CA. and touring extensively throughout Europe, Canada and The United States . Heineken even sent us to Beijing China!

1997 The Jesse Samsel band "Play Whatcha Feel" is released and is Number 1 for a week at Locals Only.

1998 Cascade Blues Association Muddy Award "Best New Act" goes to The Jesse Samsel Band .
2006 The Jesse Samsel Band "In Good Hands" is released.  Dave Stensen the original bass player for "The Grass Roots" is on board.
From 1995 to 2011 I've  had The Jesse Samsel Band and my solo gigs working in the Portland area bringing good solid rock and dancable blues to the venues we work.
In the summer of 2010 I got to record on my old and dear bosses new CD.  Terry Evans Anthogy #1.  It is avalible at our shows and through his web site and 
Febuary of 2012 I have released my 3rd Cd "A Stitch In Time" on my Indie label "RoofTop Magic Records."  It is a concept album with unreleased songs from 1989 to 2001 including interviews with the late Les Sarnoff and Bassist Phil Haxton.  It also contains a song I wrote,  sung by Terry Evans you can only get on a stitch in time. 
In Jan. of 2013 I started performing my new show "Jesse and The Loopers" . I am very excited about this new project in which I get play all the parts and get to perform songs from all the all the aritists that have touched me the most in my 40 plus years in music. Joe Walsh, John Forgerty, The Beatles , Terry Evans , Ry Cooder they are all here !!! This is a totally fun show !!! ..........
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