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Gold Dust  A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac / Terry Evans
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1975 to 1978 : White Lightning

This was my first real band. I had played in my own group from 1970 to 1975. Through a series of auditions I was asked by local Kvan Radio DJ Kevin West to join the group. In no time we had a #1 song "Tomcat" on Kisn and Kvan Radio. Kevin gave "The Big B.A." Bob Anchita his first job as a DJ. Heart opened up for us at The Inferno in PDX. We were friends with Kiss. I had just turned 16 when we formed the group ... 

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1978 to 1981 : Toys

Toys was the first Heavy Rock band I would work with. We dominated the high school after game sock hops through our booking agents at Pacific Talent. Clubs were just getting started with Live Music. We were the favorite band of all those who wanted to hear something a little heaver than the main stream  bands covering The Cars and Journey.  
1981 to 1983 : White Lightning 2
I reformed the group with a female front to take advantage of the abundance of Top 40 gigs in the PDX area.
1983 to 1985 : The Tempers

The first touring band I worked with in the northwest. We would work 2 weeks in PDX and then hit the road again 6 weeks at a time in primarily Washington, Oregon, Idaho ...

1985 to 1986 : Bullet
Bullet was a Pacific Talent favorite. We had all the best gigs in downtown PDX. This band took me on my first trip to Europe. We toured Military Bases in Germany for 2  months as enlisted officers with a G-13 Majors Rating! If war had of broken out, we could have seized a military vehicle and headed for the American Embassy!

1986 1987 : Meredith Brooks and The Angels of Mercy

This was my first real deal gig! We recorded and released the album "Animal Attraction" and toured our way to L.A. to showcase in all the top rooms. The Troubadour, F.M. Station, Madam Wongs. A and M Capital Records, Epic Records, Herb Cohan were all interested in signing us. Unfortunately the group dissolved shortly after the tour ended. 

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1987 to 1989 : The Individuals
This was another money maker band I put together to plug some time. I could see that the business was changing and I wasn't quite sure what to do. So I put 3 girls upfront and put together a playlist of only the hardest hitting dance songs of the day. We traveled to Hawaii and Alaska but mostly played the PDX Top 40 rooms. 
By the end of the 80's I knew that what I had been doing for the previous 15 years was on it's way out. I was almost 30. I knew the spandex pants and flash guitar playing wasn't doing it for me anymore anyway. I had almost made it to the golden ring with Meredith but we had fallen short. I really was in limbo. The major record labels were still in control of what was being released and they hadn't marketed The Blues yet ... Enter The Blues ...

1989 to 1992 : Bobby King and Terry Evans / Steamy Windows

Bobby and Terry had done 2 albums together for Rounder Records and needed a band to tour the U.S.A. and Canada. I was able to get an audition through my close friend and guitarist Ken "Willie" Scandlyn who had been a 2nd generation Coaster with Terry for years. I was hired to play all the Buzzy Feiten parts which were all progressive Jazz Rock licks! This was a great way for me to start my transition into the blues world. Buzzy was bluesy enough to fit in with the music but progressive enough to keep me interested. I would also ended up a second generation Coaster covering bass or guitar.  

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1992 to Present : The Terry Evans Band

When Bobby and Terry parted ways I stayed on as full time guitarist for The Terry Evans band. From 92 to present we have released 7 albums. We toured  Europe, Canada, U.S.A. for the last 25 years and even made it to Beijing China. We have recorded and performed with Ry Cooder, Jim Keltner, Gorge Caldaron, Willie Green Jr., John Luke Logan, Hentz Powell, Robert Cray, Buddy Guy, Jeff Healey, Candy Kane, Shemika Copeland and a long long list of others ...

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1997 To Present : Jesse Samsel Band, Jesse Samsel
I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with some of the best players in PDX in my line-ups. We have released 4 albums of original material under The Jesse Samsel Band and anthology album will be released this year on my Indie Label "Rooftop Magic Records".  

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1998 : Cascade Blues Association Muddy Award

"Best New Act" 


1998 : Cascade Blues Association Muddy Award Nomination

"Best Male Vocalist" Curtis Salgado and Lloyd Jones Tied This Year !

2014 : Steamy Windows Reunion Gigs

After 20 years since the original members all performed together, we regrouped for 2 shows In October with future plans to work together as our schedules allow ...

2015 : Gold Dust - The N.W. Premier Fleetwood Mac Tribute
I have the roll of Jesse Buckingham in this great tribute to a great band!!! Lead by Windy Wahlke as Stevie Nicks the group covers all the groups
best songs from their  1st Release "Fleetwood Mac" to present. We even tip our hat to the Peter Green Era pre Stevie and Lindsey This is a full tribute complete with Signature Licks, Costumes and Fleetwood Mac Vibe !!!
Windy does an amazing job as Windy Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham is one monster picker, so this is one great git-tar gig !!!
2015 : Jesse Samsel Anthology Album Release !!!
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